DTC was founded by fighters for fighters. We strive to grow our collective and generate interest while finding other like minds to be a part of our expanding vision. We are spectators, participants, thrill-seekers, and competitors. This project was grown out of a basic need for Live-streamed, publicized, local Jiu Jitsu matches. Our passion for the sport runs deep and continues to drive us towards the next level.

The first ever Don’t Tap Championship Event will be held May 28th, 2022 @ 12:00pm (EST). Watch via our PPV channel on www.Fightstreams.Live.

We are very pleased to feature 12 combatants for our kick-off Live Streaming event. Each event winner is sponsored by local organizations or businesses.

The first match of the event will be within our Under Card Series. Ramy Daud (Phoenix Sports Empire) and Hashir Azam (10th Planet Lombard) will lead off the submission-only event. Both fighters are Blue Belts and weigh in at 155 lbs. This match is sponsored by 3D MMA.

Second match of the event will be Natalia Lim (3D MMA) vs. Ana Vonzee (Chicago Fight Team). Both fighters are Blue Belts and weigh in at 115 lbs. This match is sponsored by Homegrown Supplies Inc.

The third match will feature Billie Ianotti (P3 Martial Arts) vs. Charis Furgat (HaanPa Martial Arts). Both fighters are Blue Belts and weigh in at 130 lbs. This match is sponsored by Final Stretch Media.

Fourth match is Dan Jeschke (3D MMA) vs. William Hill Jr. (AOA Champion Jiu Jitsu). Both fighters are Purple Belts and weigh in at 175 lbs. This match is sponsored by Cultivated Remedies.

The fifth match of the event is our Co-Main Event featuring Brown Belts Josh Eckmann (One Touch Fight Team) and Matt Cantwell (Five Points Jiu Jitsu). Both are 195 lbs and Brown Belts. The winner of this match is sponsored by Biz ReTek.

Last and most certainly not least is the MAIN EVENT. As headlining Black Belts both weighing in at 170 lbs, the Michael Santiago (Santiago Training Facility) vs LaQuinn Swift (Valco BJJ Chicago) match is sure not to be missed! Sponsored by GoForth Brand and ACS Hemp Dispensary. Even we’re excited about this one…

Don’t Tap Championship is quickly growing out of its primordial state and gaining popularity on a daily basis. Online traffic is picking up speed and our PPV servicer assures us that their servers can handle the expanding audience on the day of the event when we go LIVE. We are getting new applicants and emails every day. Visit us online at www.Fightstreams.Live and www.donttapchampionship.com.