DTC1 Final Results

On May 28th, 2022, the first of many Don’t Tap Championship Live-Streamed Jiu Jitsu Events was held at the 3D MMA dojo? in Hanover Park, IL USA. We broadcasted live via our main page Fightstreams.Live and had decent amount of traffic on Launch Day and averaged about 80+ viewers at any given time. The REPLAYS are getting a large amount of viewership and continues to expand. Thanks to everyone for tuning in and keep the subs coming! We wanted to dedicate DTC1 to Kwemi Hardwick.

Don’t Tap Championship 1 had several well-known individuals in the DTC community providing expert and on-point commentary during the whole event. Amongst them were Rodney “the Bowtie Boss”, Dennis Dombrow, Cory Hogan, and Special Guest Rob Hinds. Surprise guest and the current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Julianna Pena showed up and sat in as an commentator! We were absolutely stunned she came through to bring some real pro-level commentary. Also, providing some chill grooves and D’n’B vibes in between matches and during fighter entrances, DJ, Jakk Rabbid was the wheels of steel as our musical guest act of the night. Thanks for coming out guys!

The first matchup of the day featured Ramy Daud and Hashir Azam in our very first, No-Gi, 155 lb Under Card, Blue Belt battle. Azam wins the submission with an Arm Bar in 1:05 and earned himself $300 which was Sponsored by 3D MMA. Daud represents Phoenix Sports Empire and Azam 10th Planet Lombard.

Next up was another No-Gi fight between Natalia Lim and Ana Vonzee, both weighed-in at 115 lbs. Lim wins submission with an Arm Bar in a well-balanced match-up with just 54 seconds to spare! That sub earns Lim a cool $150, provided by Home Grown Supplies, Inc. This match also won each fighter an additional $50 for CO-FIGHT OF THE NIGHT, get it! Lim came representing 3DMMA and Vonzee Chicago Fight Team.

Third match of the day, both fighters were in full Gi attire, Blue Belts, and in the 130 lb weight class. Billie Iannotti vs. Charis Furgat went the full 8 minutes and resulted in a DRAW. Although the match was intense, here at DTC, matches with no submission are not rewarded, so both fighters went home empty handed. Great match-up! Ianotti came fighting with P3 Martial Arts and Furgat with HaanPaa Martial Arts. Final Stretch Media sponsored this fight.

The fourth and final Under Card brawl was No-Gi and between Dan Jeschke and William Hill Jr, both Purple Belts and weighed-in at 175 lbs. Hill wins the sub and the $300 with a Heel Hook in 38 seconds. Blink and it’s over! Hill also won himself a rockin’ $150 for BEST SUBMISSION OF THE NIGHT on top of the $300. This match-up brought to us by Cultivated Remedies.

Our fifth fight of the day was a surprise last-minute Co-Main event! Due to timing this was an Absolute weight-class, No-Gi, Black Belt, match-up between Mateusz Lim and Buckles. Buckles takes a loss due to injury (verbal-submission) during a tactically placed hold after a slam from Lim in 43 seconds, earning Lim $300. Don’t Tap Championship sponsored this crazy pop-up match.

Second to last event of the day was also No-Gi, 195 lb, Brown Belt match-up, Josh Eckmann vs Matt Cantwell. Cantwell wins $150 with an impressive 10-Finger Guillotine for a submission in 4 minutes and 47 seconds, 47 seconds shy of that big 2x. Each fighter wins a sweet deal of an extra $50 for CO-FIGHT OF THE DAY. Nice! Last Co-Main Event was Sponsored by Biz ReTek.

Finally, our Main-Card Main-Event, which unfortunately a fighter had to call off and be substituted in for. FORTUNATELY this match did not disappoint and was an action-packed rumble between Michael Santiago and Elias Cepeda. In this No Gi, Black Belt, Absolute weight-class submission-only, Don’t Tap Championship: Genesis finale, Michael Santiago wins a bad-ass $300 by submission with a formidable Arm Triangle just 3 seconds before that prize cash gets cut in half at 4:03!! What a savage match! Michael Santiago is with the Santiago Training Center. Thanks to GoForth Brand and ACS Hemp Dispensary for sponsoring this, our closing event for DTC1!

We want to give a huge shout out to the 3D MMA DOJO, ACS Hemp Dispensary, Biz Retek, Cultivated Remedies, Final Stretch Media, GoForth Brand, Homegrown Supplies Inc., Jakk Rabbid, and especially to all our combatants! We are greatly looking forward to the next event and cannot wait to see the next round of talented submission artists. Remember: Don’t Tap, get a sub, and earn cash! We appreciate all our sponsor inquiries and fighter applicants. We are going through every submission we can and thanks to our Match Maker for that. We are even more excited for the next series of Don’t Tap Championship!