On July 9th, 2022 Don’t Tap Championship comes back with their second submission only grappling for cash Jiu Jitsu competition. They are back again paying cash for submissions. You will not want to miss this unique event.

We rely on DTC2 Sponsors to power the cash prizes of the event. We are happy to say that we broke our sponsorship donation record here at DTC2 and we see a bright future for all our Sponsors success. Listed here are all the business that sponsor the matches and bonuses.


FightStreams is where Don’t Tap events are viewed. This site is dedicated to live streams and replays of grappling and MMA events.

GoForth Brand

Go Forth Brand is a Jiu Jitsu Clothing company that has custom branded Rash-guards and Gis. Very high quality and amazing gear.

ACS Hemp Dispensary

Advanced Comfort Solutions is Hemp Dispensary. Its a brick and mortar store where you can go and shopo for hemp products like CBD CBG and other Cannabis Isomers.

Cultivated Remedies

Cultivated Remedies produces the highest grade CBG Hemp Products on the market. Using our state of the art, sterile grow room environments, we believe that we have dialed in on exactly what these plants are looking for to produce lots of resin that allow us to make high quality medicine.

Biz ReTek

Biz ReTek supports small to mid-sized businesses for all technology needs with specialty and experience around POS systems and PCI. Biz ReTek provides IT strategy and support for companies with little to no internal IT resources as well as supplementing existing internal IT groups.

Redside Marketing

Redside Marketing is a high-performing consortium of talented, award-winning writers, graphic designers, video producers, web programmers and tech gurus who work together every day to deliver custom-tailored marketing solutions for our clients. We are a power team of experts who seamlessly strategize, brainstorm and collaborate to execute exceptional marketing solutions. And because our virtual business model doesn’t have the high overhead of traditional ad agencies, we can pass that savings along to you.


KIT MSP provides customer focused Managed Services Provider with experience in supporting both large and small businesses. Their goal is to provide comprehensive IT Support and Security for your business while providing the business owner(s) piece of mind that their data and users are being properly supported and protected.

PARSpective LED

PARSpective LED Creates LED Lighting for indoor cannabis growing. The business is powered by a team of individuals with a combined 25+ years of growing experience and over 10 years of lighting experience, specifically in the LED space.

ThreeSphere Websites

ThreeSphere Builds Websites. From Website Hosting to Website Design, they have you covered. Their Designers and Programmers make the best sites in the Galaxy.

Final Stretch Media

Final Stretch Media films and creates video. They have a lineup of creatives and production experts can deliver quality videos and photos for your brand. Alongside them is a team of digital marketing experts who will make sure your media gets to your audience.​ Get in touch for details about our services.


3D Martial Arts is a family owned gym dedicated to providing the highest quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai classes possible. Our mission is to help both adults and children become healthier mentally and physically, gain confidence, and change their lives. At 3D Martial Arts, they believe Jiu-Jitsu training is for everybody, regardless of gender, shape, size, or fitness level.

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