DTC2 – The Quest For Cash

July 9th,2022

On July 9th, 2022 Don’t Tap Championship comes back with their second submission only grappling for cash Jujitsu extravaganza. We are paying cash for submissions and its all live here. You will not want to miss this unique event airing on FightStreams.Live.

Main Card

Black Belt – 170 – NoGi
Michael Santiago Vs Blake Klassman
Sponsored By GoForth Brand and ACS Hemp Dispensary

Match was a draw

185 – NoGi
Matt Cantwell – Mateusz Lim
Sponsored By Cultivated Remedies

Match was a draw

Under Card

115 – NoGi
Dakota Zimmerman Vs Wunyan Wong
Sponsored By Biz ReTek

$300 Armbar Submission by Dakota Zimmerman

Purple Belt – 155 – NoGi
Hashir Azam Vs Cesar Gutierrez
Sponsored By Redside Marketing and KIT MSP

Match was a draw

Blue Belt – 115 – NoGi
Natalia Lim Vs Cristal Lopez Contreras
Sponsored By PARSpective LED

$300 Armbar Submission by Cristal Contreras

Blue Belt -155 – NoGi
Nick Leinfelder Vs Nick Aguirre
Sponsored By ThreeSphere Web Dev

$450 Flying Triangle Submission by Nick Aguirre

Blue Belt -150 – NoGi
Jonah Medinah Vs Adrian Navarro
Sponsored By Final Stretch Media

$300 Heel Hook Finish By Jonah Medinah

Blue Belt -170 – NoGi
Jesse Ismail Vs Adrian Favela
Sponsored By 3D MMA

Match was a draw

Fastest Submission Bonus $150
Provided By Cultivated Remedies

Won by Nick Aguirre

Musical Guest

Jakk Rabbid

Provided By Community Frequency Carnival