DTC3 Sponsors. Don’t Tap Championship 3 cannot exist without our sponsors. The companies chosen to represent DTC are hand selected for their quality and loyalty to combat sports. The staff and athletes are thankful for these businesses that provide us with the opportunity to put on the show. Please give them a try if you are ever in need of their services.

BioTropic Labs Supplements
BioTrōpic Labs supplements are the corner stone of our biological edge enhancement. Our ingredients come from all-natural and organic sources, which have proven to be the most effective combination both in the labs and on the widely varying fields of athleticism.

Using natural sources of caffeine and nootropics, users of VYBEs product “Hustle” can expect longer lasting energy and increases in cognitive focus and function, without the inclusion of the harmful sugars and chemicals found in many energy drinks. Consistent with VYBE’s goals, it also takes advantage of CBD’s many benefits. Those familiar with fast-paced or high stakes games are aware of the increases in anxiety that can come along with them. The incorporation of CBD aims to reduce these effects, helping streamers feel more calm and level-headed while playing.

Hustle will be offered in Go Mix’s patented, on-the-go pouch. Their “Just Add Water” concept allows users to enjoy the beverage conveniently after simply adding water and applying a quick shake. Go Mix will be utilizing it’s standard 10 oz pouch for the product, but is exploring new territory in regard to it’s boxing. With other product launches they have primarily packaged pouches in groups of 10-12, but have opted for a smaller, more conducive design this time around. Their new “6 Pack” was inspired by the dark, clean and polished lines of the modern computers and gaming consoles available today, and the outcome did not disappoint!

Biz ReTek
Biz ReTek supports small to mid-sized businesses for all technology needs with specialty and experience around POS systems and PCI. What differentiates Biz ReTek is our approach. We believe that a business’s needs should drive technology and subsequently, information technology (IT) should serve the business by selecting and supporting the appropriate systems and solutions in a cost-appropriate fashion. Biz ReTek provides IT strategy and support for companies with little to no internal IT resources as well as supplementing existing internal IT groups.

Cultivated Remedies
Here at Cultivated Remedies we provide the highest grade CBG and Low THC Products on the market. Using our state of the art, sterile grow room environments, we believe that we have dialed in on exactly what these plants are looking for to produce lots of resin that allow us to make high quality medicine.

We exist to help others use this plant to improve health and improve quality of life.

SNAP Supply
Founded by two brothers in 2017, Snap Supply is built upon a 40-year family legacy within the appliance repair parts industry. Nick and Shawn Ernst, Snap’s founders, are second generation appliance repair professionals bringing decades of knowledge to their business and customers.

As a result, the owners have always been strong believers in a DIY mentality. They grew up in a business whose focus is taking matters into your own hands. They bring 40 years worth of history and experience to Snap Supply, with the homeowner always in mind. 

3D Martial Arts is a family owned gym dedicated to providing the highest quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai classes possible. After fighting professionally for over 10 years, training and coaching some of the best fighters in the world, and having over 20+ fights, Dennis decided to open 3D Martial Arts to give back and share with the community all the benefits that martial arts can bring. Our mission is to help both adults and children become healthier mentally and physically, gain confidence, and change their lives.

At 3D Martial Arts, we believe Jiu-Jitsu and yoga training is for everybody, regardless of gender, shape, size, or fitness level. Our instructors have over 30 combined years of yoga and martial arts experience. They have travelled the world learning and expanding their knowledge so they can give you the finest training and technique.

We provide a friendly environment free of ego and chaos, so our only focus can be on how you can be better than you were yesterday. With smaller sized classes than some of the bigger gyms around, you can be sure you will get one on one attention from one of our world class instructors. We will help you achieve your goals, whether it is self defense, weight loss, confidence or to be a world champion. In the process, you will transform your life and become the absolute best version of you.

Final Stretch Media
It’s stories that bring us together and connect us to the things we love . We use your stories, inspirations, and ideas to create media that will help you reach your marketing goals. Our lineup of creatives and production experts can deliver quality videos and photos for your brand. Alongside them is a team of digital marketing experts who will make sure your media gets to your audience.​ Get in touch for details about our services.

GoForth Brand
High end Jiu Jitsu training gear. Custom made small run designed Spats, Gis & Shorts. Verrry Niice.

ACS Hemp Dispensary
We started our journey with CBD right where you are: as customers. And, just like you, we were confused, overwhelmed, and when we received our first packages of CBD, from what I guess you now could call “our competitors”…we were profoundly underwhelmed.

It took us a long time, and a lot of research to find stuff that was remotely up to our specifications. We look back on that time, and it frustrates us so much. Especially, because once we found a good source of CBD, after a long time, and a staggering outlay of our own money, we really found it improved our lives. We would do just about anything to save you the same frustration we went through.

There had to be a better way.

Spoiler: there wasn’t.

So we started our own company.

AC sourced the best CBD we could find, from growers who we could meet personally, shake hands with, and grab a cup of coffee with. We did everything we could to make sure that our quality and potency is high. We did what we could to keep our costs reasonable, without cutting a single corner. And, we are very proud of our product, and can’t wait for you to try it, and to tell us your stories.

PARSpective LED
PARSpective LED is a team of individuals with a combined 20 years of growing experience and over ten years of lighting experience, specifically in the LED space.

Our commercial-grade lighting system has been scientifically engineered to deliver a best in class level of PAR output with a premier coverage area unmatched by any other LED lighting system.