October 1st, 2022

On October 1st, 20222 Don’t Tap Championship will air the third submission only grappling for cash Jujitsu extravaganza. Paying cash for submissions and you will not want to miss this unique event airing on FightStreams.Live and Sponsored by BioTropicLabs.com

DTC3 Group Shot
DTC3 Brad Schneider vs Mario Gonzalez

Main Card

220 – NoGi
Brad Schneider Vs Mario Gonzalez
Sponsored By BioTropic Labs Supplements

Brad Schneider Wins $500 by Heel Hook


170 – NoGi
Blake Klassman Vs Max Hansen
Sponsored By BioTropic Labs Supplements

Match was a Draw


Under Card

170 – NoGi
Mike Santiago Vs Sergio Soares
Sponsored By Biz ReTek – Business IT

Sergio Soares winner $300 Triangle Choke

BizReTek - Don't Tap Championship
155 – NoGi
Cesar Gutierrez Vs David Garcia
Sponsored By ThreeSphere Web Dev

David Garcia wins $300 by Rear Naked Choke

ThreeSphere Websites Don't Tap Championship
115 – NoGi
Natalie Faris Vs Tisha Muentes
Sponsored By Cultivated Remedies – Low THC Products

Natalie Faris wins $150 by Kimura

Cultivated Remedies
205 – NoGi
Oscar Rosas Vs Andre Allen
Sponsored By 3D MMA & Jiu Jitsu

Andre Allen Wins $300 by Heel Hook

3DMMA Jiu Jitsu Hanover Park IL
155 – NoGi
Katie Bochenek Vs Kris Dorus
Sponsored By SNAP Supply – Appliance Repair Parts

Katie Bochenek Winner $300 Heel Hook

3DMMA Jiu Jitsu Hanover Park IL
170 – NoGi
Jayden Groner Vs Tim Hunkley
Sponsored By Final Stretch Media

Match was a Draw

Don't Tap Championship Final Stretch Media Logo
130 – NoGi
Charis Furgat Vs Melanie Matos
Sponsored By GoForth Brand and ACS Hemp Dispensary

Match was a Draw

ACS Hemp Dispensary
ACS Hemp Dispensary
155 – NoGi
Sazan Zaimi Vs Victor Aguirre
Sponsored By PARSpective LED = Pro Grow Lights

Sazan Zaimi Wins $300 by Arm Bar

3DMMA Jiu Jitsu Hanover Park IL
Fastest Submission Bonus $150
Provided By Redside Marketing = Business Design & Strategy

Andre Allen won $150 with his 25 second submission

Redside Marketing

Musical Guest

Jakk Rabbid

Provided By Community Frequency Carnival