DTC5 LIVE April 15th @ Noon!


Don’t Tap Championships presents DTC5 Kumite – the ultimate test of elite competitive grappling skills. This season-end tournament brings together the winning grapplers from the regular season matches to compete in two 8-man submission-only tournaments: under 170lbs and over 170lbs. With no points or advantages given, only the most dominant grapplers will emerge victorious.

The winner in the Under 170 & Absolute tournaments at DTC5 Kumite is not only guaranteed to receive a cash prize, but also a trophy called the Wolf Chalice. This symbol of victory is a testament to the competitor’s elite competitive grappling skills and domination throughout the tournament.

The winner of each tournament is guaranteed to receive $500, with an additional $500 awarded for every submission victory along the way. If the winner wins all three matches by submission, they will take home the full $2000 prize. This is a chance to witness some of the most skilled fighters showcase their abilities and compete for the title of DTC5 Kumite Champion. Don’t miss a single moment of the action – tune in to DTC5 Kumite and witness the ultimate test of elite competitive grappling skills.