Get ready for the ultimate test of elite competitive grappling – DTC KUMITE! This season-end tournament is where our winning grapplers will prove they are the best of the best. Those competitors who have won by submission during the regular season matches have the right to compete. There will be two tournaments: under 170lbs and over 170lbs.

Kumite is an 8 man submission-only tournament. The opening round will be 6 minutes, the semi finals will be 8 minutes and the championship matches will be 15 minutes long. There are no points or advantages given, which means only the most dominant grapplers will emerge victorious. To sweeten the pot, there’s a chance to win a cash prize of up to $2000!

The winner of each tournament are guaranteed to receive $500, with an additional $500 awarded for every submission victory along the way. If the winner wins all three matches by submission, they will take home the full $2000 prize.

At DTC Kumite, we’re looking for exciting and explosive grappling. The most decisive way to win is by submission, and all submissions are legal, including heel hooks, arm bars, twisters, wrist locks and mufflers. If either competitor taps at any point during the match, the match is over. If not, we will rely on three judges to determine the winner. Their decision will be based on the unique DTC judging criteria, which emphasizes aggression, submission attempts, and positional control. We’re looking for fighters who never take a backward step and always move forward. Stalling and passivity is a guaranteed way to lose. We want to see dangerous submission attacks that result in near submissions. In addition to aggression, we will also be looking for positional control – guard passes, mounts, back takes, and other techniques that lead to dominant positions.

The match will be judged in its entirety, and the competitor who displays the better effective grappling skill, submission attempts and positional dominance will emerge victorious. This means that the winner of the match will be the fighter who attacked the most effectively and who is most effective in maintaining dominant positions and controlling the pace and direction of the match.

Get ready to witness Don’t Tap Championships most skilled fighters showcase their abilities April 15 2023 at DTC Kumite. Don’t miss a single moment of the action – tune in to DTC5 Kumite and witness the ultimate test of elite competitive grappling skills.