It’s always exciting to see a competitor from the Don’t Tap Championship make the jump to the UFC. Nick Aguirre’s 7-0 record in MMA is certainly impressive and it’s clear that he has a lot of talent. Having experience competing in the Don’t Tap Championship will give him a solid grappling base and could give him an edge in his UFC debut. You can watch him today on the prelims at 3pm on ESPN+ UFC Fight Night: Strickland vs. Imavov.

As a Don’t Tap Championship veteran, Nick Aguirre has already proven himself to be a skilled and competitive grappler. His experience competing in the league will have prepared him well for the high-pressure and high-stakes environment of the UFC. He has already shown that he can perform well in intense and competitive matches, which will be valuable skills to have in the octagon.

It will be interesting to see how Nick Aguirre’s grappling skills translate to the MMA game, and how he adapts to the striking aspect of the sport. His grappling background can be a great tool for him to finish the fight by submission or control the fight on the ground.

Fans of the Don’t Tap Championship will be excited to see Nick Aguirre’s debut in the UFC, and will be cheering him on as he takes on a new challenge in his career. I’m sure he will put a great show and make the Don’t Tap Championship proud. We will all be watching and cheering for him tonight!