DTC Sponsorship program

Sponsorship Opportunities

  1. Sponsor a Match
    • $1000 – Main Event Matches
    • $600 – Standard Match
    • Premier Sponsor, gets ALL sponsor benefits
    • Match will be announced with Sponsors name and a small description
    • Match ends with Sponsor money with name and a small description
    • All marketing produced for sponsored match will include Sponsor’s name and logo
    • Logo on screen
    • On-Page Sponsor
    • Sponsors info on all social media and YouTube Posts
    • Multiple News Posts with sponsors links and info
    • Should gain 20+ backlinks
  2. $300 – BONUS – Fastest Submission of the Night – (1)
    • Awarded at the end of the event
    • $150 to submission of the Night
    • All marketing produced for sponsored bonus will include Sponsor’s name and logo
    • On-Page Sponsor
  3. $150 – On-Page Sponsor – (unlimited amount)
    • Sponsor logo and 150 characters of text on livestream page
    • Minimum 90 day link and Description on Fightstreams.Live
    • Minimum 90 day link and description @ DontTapChampionship.com
    • 1 spot @ Adsquare.net (lasts approx. 30 days)

Detailed Sponsor Info

Why sponsor a Don’t Tap Championship Event? We have many rewards to offer to not just our fighters, but our sponsors have a great opportunity to earn benefits as well! Every sponsor who supports Matches and Bonuses will receive 90+ days of active links including backlinks for boosting SEO (analytics and marketing metadata). With the constant and high-scoring traffic flow from FightStreams.Live DontTapChampionship.com. We also post on social media multiple times daily, so any sponsored matches will also include links of the sponsors. Don’t Tap Championship is offering not only a unique experience for our fighters but also a one-of-a-kind experience for our sponsorship partners.

According to demographic and stream analysis data from our Live-streams and Replays from FightStreams.Live, a majority of our viewership are males between the ages of 18 to 38. At minimum our online activity, on Live Stream Days alone, generates approximately 750 to 1500 unique views and at least 1500 clicks! Typical results show that site-traffic will ramp up five days prior to the event and will continue well after a week through Replays. For all of our sponsors, that is at least 12-14 days some decent exposure and the numbers are continuing to grow!

Managing SEO and local SEM data for business websites, links, and backlinks are a huge benefit when coming from our credible and secure websites. The On-Page Sponsor Program generates traffic and exposure to your business, website, and can be an easy grab for extended coverage to rake in a few extra clicks.

Don’t Tap Championship will also be creating sponsorship Instagram posts to promote all our donating sponsors and which also let our artists and fans know who else is helping make all this possible.